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As I woke up this morning I had a smile on my face and joy in my heart! We are so thankful for the heartfelt and amazing evening last night in Normandy Beach! We were so moved by the sounds of the bag pipes and the deep resonating vibration of the drums. The Sandy Ground project unveiled many fabulous surprises for us … The “Chase 8” flag … the 26 balls the girls handed out to the children … A plane flew by with perfect timing with the sentiment “To Normandy with Love Chase -where angels play” …. Our friends from the fire house came out in the bay with 2 fireboats honoring Chase while spraying water into the bay as the sun was just starting to set. For me the most emotional part of this gracious occasion was the song, Rainbow connection and seeing the Race4Chase logo panel. Just as we thought it doesn’t get better than this, we heard the blasting of fireworks for the grand finale as all the children joyfully streamed onto the Chase Kowalski playground. Wow, it was beautiful to see the joy in their faces after such an emotional evening! We have lost one of the loves of our lifetime in the worst possible way. What we have gained from that loss is an endless amount of love and support that will last a lifetime. Thank you for the warm welcome and support to everyone in Normandy Beach, On Sandy Ground and Giordano playground construction company!!!!

Kowalski’s speech from the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Chase Kowalski playground in Normandy Beach NJ:

We are here today to not only to honor our son Chase Kowalski but also to help support the community of Normandy Beach. The Sandy Ground Project found a unique and special way to both remember Chase and to help restore the Normandy community through this Chase Kowalski playground project.
Building this playground has been such a rewarding experience bringing together so many people to help … Many of us were strangers a few days
ago, but now we are friends and part of a newly created family … filled with love and respect to honor the precious gifts of community, family and

We thank you for providing this beautiful setting as one of the special places to remember Chase. We thank you for helping to build the playground as a reminder of how we should love our children and spend precious time with them celebrating life and having fun. We thank all of the firefighters, police, scouts, family and friends who gave of their time, their skills or their donations to help create this playground for our little superman Chase. We would also like to thank our Uncle Michael and Aunt
Mary Lou for our first introduction to Normandy Beach and for all of their
love and support. With out them, this project and beautiful location would not have been possible

To the community of Normandy Beach: We have many, many fond memories of our time here with Chase and we would like you to know that Chase absolutely loved playing at the beaches here in Normandy. Please know you will always have our angel Chase here as a part of your community at the

Chase Kowalski Playground. Please spend time here to remember Chase … to
enjoy time with your family, your children and your friends … We hope that this playground serves as a reminder of what happened in Sandy Hook not for the tragedy itself … instead we hope that you will be inspired and reminded to do what you can with your children, your family and your community to
help ensure we triumph over tragedy.