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The Sandy Ground Project is extraordinarily grateful to Toni Giordano of Giordano Contracting, LLC for the energy and devotion she is putting towards planning and facilitating the builds of all 26 playgrounds.

Toni first met many of the fire fighters from the NJFMBA, New Jersey Firemen’s Mutual Benevolent Association, when they joined forces in 2006 to build playgrounds in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.  The Newtown tragedy brought them together again.

Toni Giordano:

“The first major meeting at the NJFMBA office in Rahway, NJ was packed with firefighters & police officers from New Jersey and New York, corporate executives, several foundation executives and volunteers, ready.  Ready to work, donate money, donate supplies, whatever had to be done to get this mission on the way.

We all shared our stories, we all openly cried then we hugged and shook hands making a commitment to build the 26 playgrounds.“

Toni’s knowledge, insight, talent and sensitivity to each family’s requests are reflected in the 5 built playgrounds and will continue to be so as this project continues..